söndag 18 december 2011

Jim Rickards - This Will Send the Price of Gold to the Moon


“Well, you see the Treasury shorting the dollar in the form of taking SDR notes.  You see printing in order to get the dollar back down against the euro.  You see more printing to break the peg if China chooses to repeg, which I believe they will.  And, of course, the IMF has its own printing press to print SDRs.”

“By the way the European Central Bank will start printing as soon as they see deflation, which we can expect in the first quarter based on the fact that Europe seems to be slipping back into a recession.  So with printing from the ECB, printing from the Fed, printing from the IMF, the Treasury shorting the dollar and the currency wars in full swing, how can this mean anything other than the price of gold going up a lot.


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