lördag 26 maj 2012

Bilden av Sverige - HJÄLP


"Sweden in the winter is very dark and can be quite depressing. When 'Melodifestivalen' starts airing in February we're in the middle of this season, but every week leading up to the final is a week closer to spring,"

"It's almost as if 'Melodifestivalen' is the vessel that carries Sweden from the dark of winter to the light of summer, and soundtracks that journey with some awfully catchy music too."

"Melodifestivalens is the Swedish equivalent to the Superbowl," 

So it may come as a surprise to some to learn that the Swedes take the annual song competition -- occasionally viewed by some of their neighbors as a bit of a joke -- very seriously indeed.

onsdag 23 maj 2012

The Mathematically Inevitable Collapse

Victoria Grant

Victoria Grant is a 12-year-old Canadian. Her father and she discovered that the debt money system was what was wrong with the Canadian economy and decided to do something about it.